Origyn – The best innovative blockchain Foundation from Switzerland

1. What is the Origyn Foundation (OGY)?

The Origyn Foundation is a Swiss non-profit organization that uses intelligent technologies such as computer vision and artificial intelligence on a decentralized computer infrastructure to identify objects of value, identify realize them and exploit the potential of property rights. As the first digital certification platform built on top of Internet Computing (IC), ORIGYN and its verticals create new forms of value for some of the largest consumer goods categories, including art, collectibles, digital media and luxury goods.

2. Highlights of the Origyn Foundation (OGY) project
The Origyn Foundation addresses two key challenges in the arts industry:

Traditionally, the sale of in-kind works has been limited to galleries, art dealers and auction houses, and ownership is limited to a select group of collectors. However, rapid technological developments such as blockchain have spurred a significant shift in the art industry to the digitization of sales processes.

Masterpieces by world-renowned artists will always provide important benchmarks, both for the history and economics of art collection, but these are often unattainable due to time.

By enabling artists, galleries, art dealers and auction houses to certify the authenticity of a work of art through a digital duo, the Origyn Foundation lowers the barrier to entry for buyers, expose the work to a larger and broader audience, and create future market opportunities through co-ownership.

3. Platforms that Origyn Foundation Token currently operates

4. Origyn Foundation (OGY Coin) Team

team ory

ORIGYN was founded in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, the project operates as a unified ecosystem across major blockchain and technology hubs in Europe, Asia, and the United States. ORIGYN’s team of 60 employees is diverse in skills, opinions and geographies — to pioneer a global mission which has secured premium partnerships with brands, creators, galleries biggest artist and performer in each industry

5. Origyn Foundation project partners and investors

partner ory

 partner ory


ORIGYN has received backing from the Board Management of Bill Ackman, AVStar Capital, Polychain Capital, Coinko and Vectre Ventures, etc. More participants included American media and social network personality such as Paris Hilton and businessman Jaeson Ma. Others are author and venture capitalist Carter Reum, Indian billionaire Div Turakhia.


6. Is Origyn Foundation Token worth the investment?

Founded in October 2020, ORIGYN is led by founding partners and board members Gian Bochsler, Vincent Perriard and Mike Schwartz, and CEO Daniel Haudenschild. ORIGYN technology validates and ensures the authenticity of physical and digital assets using advanced detection and identification methods developed by leading experts in computer vision, intelligence, and computer vision. artificial intelligence and distributed infrastructure. In addition, it brings together the best contemporary players from selected industries to protect, celebrate, encourage and reward creativity through a novel NFT approach.

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